Long Time no Posts!

It’s been a while since I have published my thoughts on technology here in this space but I intend to change that.

The reason for my absence has been 3 fold.

1.) The job at Oracle has really caused me to be focused on learning the Fusion stack as well as ADF.  One alone would be a monumental task, but both at the same time has been a bit like climbing Everest.(which is a recommended task if you can)  I intend to comment on this, but I will have to be careful not to give away to many trade secrets.

2.) The birth of my son.    He is my world now, and getting time away to share my thoughts on technology just hasn’t been as much fun as watching the little guy grow.    Some day if he reads this, I want him to know he is the greatest gift ever!   He was born 6 weeks early, and his first week in this world was spent in the NICU.

3) Marathon Training – you may or may not be surprised by how much time this takes.

However there are a lot of subjects in the near future I want to comment on.

  • ADF
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Testing

Two recent books I have read —

  • What Would Google Do
  • The Biography of Steve Jobs

Personal Tech

  • The technology that keeps kids alive in a NICU
  • My new GPS watch from Garmin.

Lastly recent interviews I have done and the trends I am seeing.

About theartoftechonline

olutions Architect that has successfully lead large scale high volume implementations of business critical solutions. My passion is to lead teams of people to create highly effective scalable, reliable, and robust systems that solve very complex business problems.
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2 Responses to Long Time no Posts!

  1. Mark C. says:

    Our son was born at 27 weeks gestation (about 3 months early) in 2007. Like you, I’m a tech and certainly can relate to how a lifelong passion for computing technology unexpectedly takes a back seat. During our 3 months of visits to the NICU, I was surprised to learn that synthetic surfactant has been one of the big game changers in survivability of preemie babies. I would be interested in reading your posts about the technology in the NICU.

    • I hope your son is doing well. We were only in the NICU for 7 days, but as you have shown some of those babies where there far longer. To see a child born at 1.5 lbs, grow into a full blown baby and beyond to me is utterly fascinating! The nurses and doctors in our NICU really were angles!

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