Root Your Android Phone & Get Rid of The Crapware

If you decide to do this, you will take these steps at your own risk.  I do not guarantee they will work for you, nor do I guarantee they will NOT in-validate your warranty, and in most cases these steps will.   So be careful, and only take these steps if you are willing to take on the risk yourself.
If you’re interested in messing around with the OS, here is the Android Source.
  1. Download and install the Android SDK for your version of Android.  (Tried on the Droid X)
  2. Set up the drivers for your phone (*note: I didn’t have to do this)
  3. Follow the Directions Here (*note: I needed to change my path to include [android sdk install directory]/tools
  4. Once you have done this, you now have root access to your phone.   I immediately used this power to remove some bloatware from the phone, which can be found in /system/apps.
  5. What you can remove, what you can’t remove, and everything in between.

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