Getting StarUML Working on UBuntu 9.10

I have recently started using a UML application to design a software system that I am building called StarUML. It’s highly addictive because it gives you many of the basic building blocks for designing a very detailed system, and it generates very good looking diagrams. So far I have created Use Case diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Class Diagrams with this tool, and they have turned out really well. The only real problem, is that it’s designed for Windows. However, lately I am becoming more of a convert that Linux can suffice as my primary desktop.

So here is what I did to get it running on UBuntu 9.10

Under Applications Select Ubuntu Software Center
Search for Wine
If you haven’t already Installed it – install.
sh winetricks vcrun6 msxml3
wine staruml-5.0-with-cm.exe

That will install starUML onto your system to run within Wine.

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21 Responses to Getting StarUML Working on UBuntu 9.10

  1. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience!, I just moved to Linux and I wanted to use StarUML (since i had already worked with it) and your blog made me start working in less than 5 minutes.


  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the article, works perfectly on Linux Mint – Gloria (based on Ubuntu 9.04)

  3. Hassan says:

    This was straight forward on Fedora 12 too.
    I’m glad this recent post popped on my Google search results😉

  4. James Pakele says:

    Works on Linux Mint 8. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Edwin_ACH says:

    Great work!

    Your post was useful for me too. I can now run StarUML on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty-Jackalope GNU/Linux.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

    Kind Regards,

    Edwin Cartagena Hdez.

  6. Killgec says:

    Thank you, man!

  7. Fernando Brito says:

    Worked great on Ubuntu 10.04! Thanks!

  8. clem says:

    Thank you !

  9. Sam says:

    Thanks! Did the trick was getting some errors. Seems sh winetricks vcrun6 msxml3 that was the life saver.

  10. mctco says:

    thanks worked for me but installing msxml4 rather than msxml3

  11. Nessa says:


  12. Pingback: StarUML

  13. rkr911 says:

    wine staruml-5.0-with-cm.exe
    Above Command is Producing Error- as
    wine: could not load L”Z:\\home\\samurai\\staruml-5.0-with-cm.exe”: Bad EXE format for

  14. rkr911 says:

    wine staruml-5.0-with-cm.exe

    above command produce error below

    wine: could not load L”Z:\\home\\samurai\\staruml-5.0-with-cm.exe”: Bad EXE format for

  15. Ganesh says:

    Its worked for me, Thank you very much

  16. nfrozi says:

    It work’s. Great ^_^ Thank you…

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