How do you know you have the right team?

One of my favorite things to do these days is pose wide open questions on Linkedin and review the responses.  Most times folks on that site give well thought out answers to those questions and I learn a great deal from them.    My latest question is; how do you know you have the right team?

The reason why I asked this question in this generic manor is because I wanted people to think about the teams they are on, or have been apart of and what made them work.   I wasn’t looking for anything specific.  Just general thoughts on what makes a team effective.  It didn’t matter to me if the team in question was a baseball team or an executive team trying to solve business problems. 

Here was the best answer – Thanks Octavio Ballesta

These are the steps that you should take into consideration from the perspective of a Team Leader for having the right team:

1. I make sure that from a personal perspective, everyone of the members of the team have a clear understanding about the rationality that justifies the project, and that at the same time, they are positively motivated and engaged to excel to work as world-class professionals.

2. From an organizational perspective, I make an extra effort to make sure that multidisciplinary teams belonging to different functional departments are able to get rid from a restrictive mindset exclusively oriented to functional issues to work by focusing in a systemic way of thinking that is fundamental in assuring success during the execution of organizational projects with high complexity and deep transformational impact.

3. From an organizational viewpoint is crucial to ensure that a transformational project will succeed, to get the sponsorship and explicit support from Senior Management, as is advisable in projects that could have a profound impact over corporate culture, organizational climate and company´s processes.

4. To ensure that the team will perform cohesively and with harmony during the project life cycle, I make my best effort to encourage a micro climate of open communication, a collaborative workplace technologically-driven and application of policies of Knowledge Management, that should be implicitly supported and encouraged by both, CEO and Top Managers.

5. It is instrumental provide the means in assuring operational excellence during project execution. Such a tactic usually signifies that this team will enjoy from the support of different departments such as HR and Technology to ensure so a flawless execution, and at the same time, compliance with the corporate policies and the standards of technology that are substantive to the organization.

6. The synergy among the members of a multidisciplinary team is a key factor in assuring that this group will feel true motivation and engagement to make an extra effort during project execution. Considering that high-performance teams are the result of mixing professionals with different experiences, degrees of seniority and disparate interests, is a wise practice instil within the team a culture of mentorship, where more experienced professionals share their knowledge, experiences and tips with junior professionals.

7. With the aim of providing unequivocal elements of strategic alignment, needed to ensure that operational execution is aligned with business strategy, I am always willing to schedule periodical meetings with one of more of the incumbent Top Managers to discuss and analyse elements of strategic alignment to assure an outstanding project execution.

8. As a key factor to preserve the motivation and commitment of the team, in working hard and excel regardless of what would be the perspectives that could be faced, I am generous and expressive when is time of recognizing the merits of the team as a whole; we celebrate all the goals relevant for a successful project execution, and we are humble enough to learn from failure, and decide after internalizing these experiences, grow as both professionals and individuals.

9. When a new professional must to be incorporated to the team is crucial ensure that this professional will have an excellent fit with the systems of values, policies and principles that are inherent to the organizational culture.

10. In the instances where a project will generate important innovation is advisable to hire expert consultants to assume the role of coaches, as a valid resource to ensure the transference of innovative practices to enrich both the organizational culture and company´s processes.

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olutions Architect that has successfully lead large scale high volume implementations of business critical solutions. My passion is to lead teams of people to create highly effective scalable, reliable, and robust systems that solve very complex business problems.
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One Response to How do you know you have the right team?

  1. Terry.Cho says:

    Strong agree with number 1.
    All member in project should catch up context and business.
    Have you seen DDD(Domain Driven Design)?
    In DDD, there are very good guide to catch up Context by using “boudary tactics, Continuos integration etc..”
    Thanx for your good article.

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